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I did a little comic thing... Got the idea during Spanish and drew it out on my wacom tablet when I got home. Took me two days to colour this piece of shit. And guess what? The colouring SUCKS. But granted, my attention wasn't really ONLY on colouring it. I think I'm gonna x-post it now.

Title: Glomp!
Artist: immaturity
Rating: G
Warnings: Cuteness...? >__<
A/N: Got the idea for this during spanish and went home and played around with my (fairly new) Wacom Tablet. Spent an embarrassing amount of time colouring it. Sad, seeing as the colouring is pretty uniform >"< Ok, second piece of fanart ever, second ATTEMPT at colouring on Photoshop. And I know that it completely sucks compared to some other peoples' fanart. Be nice :(

And I know Harry's mouth is like WAY WAY messed up. Don't take the piss.
Tags: art
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