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More art

Of course, I did this in school. Like I ever do good stuff OUTSIDE of school :P Ok, so I did it in French when we were watching Babar (IN THE DARK) so I know it could be better. I'm including the original and the one I coloured in Photoshop (even though I'm terrible at colouring) because I'm feeling whimsical. Too bad for you.

Title: Uniform!Draco
Artist: immaturity
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
Warnings: Floopy hair and converse shoes (simply because I am incapable of drawing anything else)

Image Hosted by
Sorry you have to see trig in the background. My doodles on the back of homework always end up being better than the stuff I really try to draw on white clean paper :\

Image Hosted by

It's just a sketch, really. I did the original in about 10 minutes, I just happened to colour it in. Which took about half an hour :\

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